Saturday, November 24, 2007

C2D in Working…

‘Centre would deal with Naxalism in a “holistic” manner.’ – Shivraj Patil (HM)

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee - “They were paid back with their own coin” while training his guns at Trinamool Congress workers.

Look within the two lines, its clear as a crystal. Bagging front lines in all National Dailies nowadays is the News of recent spate of violence in Nandigram and adjoin areas. These happenings in CPM’s own citadel reflects the results of there idealistic approach towards present world scenario. They remain cocooned in the Ideals of Bolsheviks when everyone including there forefathers (read Russia) and fathers (China) are giving up communism and fostering capitalism. But the picture is much murkier here. Not that CPM solely is responsible for killing, as it appears that Trinamool Congress supporters were also involved in the incident. But the scale of violence and the duration for which it has extended surprises us all. Why could so powerful CPM could not quell violence it its own adobe?? Further why was center so silent about the happenings?? It could have easily sent Army to Nandigram where it could have easily brought the onslaught under control. But No, Centre did not respond and the goons & mafia hired by political forces virtually rampaged entire area. Nandigram was almost cut from the country and no news, death toll or pictures were made available so as to give free hand to CPMs goons in the area.

Prakash Karat justified cadre action and blamed the Maoists and Trinamul for the violence while the Bengal CM argued that his government didn’t do anything in wrong politically cleansing Nandigram. What a shame! CPM cadres celebrating there victory over a small village is truly shocking. But much more unnerving was the quietness of centre and the U-Turn by CPM on its stance on Nuclear Deal. While CPM earlier was vehemently opposed to even discuss the deal now its supportive of the Central governments stance. This all gives us a view of bigger machinations running undercover where nor the violence nor the killing of innocent have any significance when political power comes into question. Cooperate to Dominate is the mantra of our truly headless chicken politicians and we paltry citizens can only watch.

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