Sunday, April 8, 2007

End to ARSENAL Misery??

As an ardent Gunner...when will be there an end to the current slack of asrsenal of the most successful teams in Premier League...Infact arsenal is among the few teams that has never been relegated to II Divison once being promoted to I Divison(Even Chelshits and Liverfools have been relegated)
Arsenal is known for there game play, perfectionism but i think this is taking toll...The desire to score 'A Perfect Goal' that Arsene Wenger has filled in Gunners is leading to losses against minnows like sheffield utd....
Also is the atitude of Arsenal Owners who provide paltry 20 million for signings when window opens in summers. Compare this to amount spend by Ambrowich, ManU, this will seam to be miniscule.... ok Arsenal dont need big signings and we know Wenger is intelligent enough to know what club need..but still we need some signins. In my opinion we must go for -

1) Agood center forward who without caring for perfect ball can put ball in net...our midfields provide enough passes but we can convert none in absence of Henry and vanPersie...which also shows lack of bench strength..

2) Agood goalkeeper....lehmanns good but i think falters at some places...maybe we can use him in CL but for EPL we must either improve Alumina or seek another one...

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Anonymous said...

If you're an Arsenal supporter it might be advisable to learn a bit of their history. Your club were relegated in 1913 to division 2 and then bought their way back into the top flight in 1919. If you don't believe me then google it.