Friday, June 15, 2007

about HITLER

Adolf hitler dubbed as the most evil person is absolutely most hated person not only among Jews but also in whole of World..You can find massive commentries about horrors and crimes he commited on people but here I would like to mention some facts first:

1) all the crimes and horrors commited by Nazis are reported mostly by Americans, Russians or people opposed to Hitler. Now it is a known fact that -
" History is written by Victorious Power"
No one mentions the devastation caused by allied bombing and various atrocities they commited. Excellent example of this is Present Iraq War where no of deaths of both American soldiers as well as Iraqi civilians are widely mistated by American govt.,but since media today is much more developed they have revealed the truth. This was not the case in 1930-50 and so all that media has reported was in the hands of Allied Powers. Seeing war in this light can significantly change your opinion.

2) You should at the same time also admire the Administration skills of this person, the way he carried entire German Machinery on his own, his oratory skills, his power to influence and lead masses.

3) Progress made by Germany after devastation of first World War is superb and it was all because of Hitlers management and governing skills.

I am no neo-Nazi or anything like that...but just wanted to give my opinion that there where some positives in this man and not always that mentioned in books and media is truth. You should try to see the thing behind it.
Your opinion and criticism are welcome.
Auf Wiedersehen...

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