Monday, June 25, 2007

King Henry Leaves the Throne...

“Arsenal will be in my blood aswell as my heart. I will always, always, always remember you guys. I said I was going to be a Gunner for life and I did not lie because when you are a Gunner you will always be a Gunner. The Club is in my heart and will remain in my heart forever.” - Thierry Henry (23 June)

It is surely an end of an era as the great man, THIERRY HENRY leaves ARSENAL FC to join FC BARCELONA. A feeling of sadness has overpowered all fellow gunners as we loose the man who best represented the Arsenal Jersey with his fabulous goals. And, oh, what goals they were. Who can forget his hat-tricks against Liverpool and Roma, his double at Inter, solo efforts from inside his own half against Spurs and Real Madrid, or his flick up and volley over Fabien Barthez against Man Utd? The list goes on. I can still here d commentator shoutin in disbelief " HENRYYYYYYYYYYYY STRIKES !!!

It was on the cards especially after the departure of Viera, Pires, and recent one of David Dien. Everyone knows Henry has made this move most unwillingly, and I believe politics has done our club more harm than anything else in recent years. Henry wanted some stability...and clearly after departure of Dein he was unsetteled.
We all wanted Henry to bounce back and show them all what he's all about, I wanted Henry to take us out of this torrid times but all this was not to happen.
Very few gud arrivals at Arsenal but very big departures have become trend of the day. I loved henry but I have also come to realize that no one is bigger than the club, not even HENRY himself. We ll always remember him for all d great moments he gave us.

We bid you farewell and luck & hope you set the LA LIGA on fire. Henry is leavin the club but he'll always be there in our heart as gunner n only in red-white jersey.
And personally I dont blame him for leaving. He in 30 and everyone wants to play in a big club like Barca..

I'll be a GUNNER for rest of my life & I'll also be his craziest fan until i die.
But as I say all this, I know arsenal will fight back, I know we'll get through, I know we'll win.ARSENAL is no joke. We have done it in the past and we'll do it again. But I am waiting for the day when Arsenal meets Barca in UCL final....
Go Arsenal go........, we are with you as Gunners

Hail Titi,

Hail Arsenal....

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Anonymous said...

dont know how will arsenal bounce back from this disaster...i think we r moving towards another silverless season...