Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Indian Presidential Drama

As the governments world over are busy with how to maintain their economies, improve trade, production and efficency, in India politicians are involved in a fight for who would be next Indian President..Everyday new candidates appear, new alignments are formed and at the end of the day there is still confusion on who should be the first citizen.

But is this thing so important that politicians elected for Parliament, parties involves have made this a prestige issue thereby neglecting graver problems facing the country. President of India is a nominal & ceremonial head and all his powers are in fact vested by Prime Minister and council of should there be all this drama??In fact President of our country should be non political distinguished identity who is respected throughout India and World & who can represent India at world stage.APJ Abdul Kalam was best choice for this post and if he is to be replaced(due to party diff) then maybe we can have some other personality like Narayanmurthy (Infosys Founder)...there is no scarcity of such people in India..

What we don't want are these altercations, spending of public money on futile debates over candidates whose name half of country don't even know and world is not even aware of them..and have been nominated just because of vote bank politics, interests etc.In place of all this drama our leaders should focus their attension on the problems faced by country like Allocation of SEZ, Disinvestment, Maintaining GDP, Improving trade....

We can only pray that this drama soon ends....

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Prashant said...

Why not spend a big or even a bigger budget on such Presidetial Debate? President may not have all those powers but dont forget India calls herself a Republic only because of these presisential elections.
I completely agree..Person should be of non political background. I wonder when these politicians would stop crying about their encroached powers while they literally have unchecked powers.