Friday, July 27, 2007

Another revolution in air??

Guns were roaring in the sky...people were running in the streets..whole place was in conundrums...You will think of such a description like that usually reported after a car bomb etc in Baghdad. But this was different because people on streets were smilimg not sad, laughing and not fearful, as they were celebrating victory of there National Team in Asian Cup semi finals against Korea. What an inspirational story this has been for in a war torn country with no resources required for competing at international level and then excelling in Asian Cup, defeating football majors like Australia and Korea.

Faces of Iraqi players were filled with their heroic goalkeeper later said in post match interview..that while people of their country fight on streets they symbolize their fight on field. This is there tribute to the valiant people of Iraq. Now they will be playing in finals against four time champions Saudi Arabia and it is great that two sides will fight not with bullets but with football in a field. It has been said that sports helps in bringing people together and abridging nations..lets hope same happens with largely divided Iraq of today and this football revolution spread a message of teamwork and unity in the area.

However this occasion should also sound as a final bell for us Indians that we should quickly improve upon our less favored sports. If countries like Iraq with limited resources can do this can India not even equal them with such a vast resources. What is needed is determination on part of people who run sport bodies in India and little more finances to be diverted from cricket.

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