Thursday, August 23, 2007

Left or Right....

For the first time in the tenure of current UPA government, it is surrounded by almost all of the parties including allies Left and opposition BJP. Though myself a big critic of UPA policies this deal was only one thing which UPA has advanced as a significant achievement and now all others are crying foul.One has to understand the growing energy demands of India today and till alternate sources are developed which does not seems viable to produce in large amounts currently, nuclear energy is the only option left to meet the burgeoning energy demand. Passage of this bill will not only ensure supply of uranium fuel, it will also bring huge interests from ready to invest American players. Moreover India will be added as a certified member of the nuclear club and this will improve its credibility in World and UN. Ok, there may be some reservations regarding testing etc but they can be resolved and also India can test if need warrants without a big loss as compared to problems it is facing in running its reactors.

Opposition to deal comes from both international and national parts. China is opposing the deal because it will bring India at par with it without event signing NPT. It will make India technologically advanced and energy sufficient something which China can hardly swallow.But since UK, France, Germany, Japan etc are backing the deal it will be hard for China to oppose at international level.

But the most discerning part is that China has found an unlikely ally in form of Communist Party of India. I have no qualms about declaring them "Anti Indian and Pro China". What they are trying to do will take India decades. They have always places their communist counterparts in International arena above Indian interests. They always see China as their mentor. China has made deals with US after Indo-Sino wars of '62 and US has helped them transform into factory of the World, and now when their leader asks to stay away from US then it seems like "Devil saying Scriptures". They have to realize that old Comintern days are over in this age when even China is fostering economic liberalisation.

On the other hand even more comical situation is of BJP. Devoid of any issues at the moment it is using this as an issue against ruling alliance but forgetting that they were the ones who started the whole process when in power. Now they don't want Congress to take credit and so are crying foul.

Both of these parties should realise that Current India is an emerging middle class society full of energy and they are able to comprehend what these politicians are preaching. Also, I think that at present their is no threat to UPA government at present as if elections takes place now, Congress will the party most benefiting from it. Left is already reeling from criticism in West Bengal and Kerela while BJP is still not able to come to terms with UP debacle along with Gujrat and Karnataka troubles.

But we citizens of country can only pray that the deal is resolved and these politicians stop acting like headless chickens, so that India can usher forward in current international scenario.

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