Monday, September 10, 2007

Kerry Packer revisited...

With the advent of T20 on world stage and ICL aka Indian Cricket League promoted by Subhash Chandra's Essel Group both international as well as domestic cricket are undergoing rapid transformation.
In mid 1970s people looked towards 50-50 format with contempt but eventually it became harbinger of the world cricket and test took the back stage. This was obvious as 50-50 format was accordant with the fast moving generation. Now since the world is much more different place than 70s change in cricketing format is much needed. People don't have time for a single day forget about 5 day affair. So it is ostensible that in present scenario T20 is the right step for the cricketing world. Whatever the experts may say about the format, I am totally in favor of it. Look at any, football, baseball and you will find that all these are high intensity games with not only huge fan base but also short time duration.People just can't afford to sit all day waiting for the result which they can easily get within couple of hours with other sports. This is the fundamental flaw with cricket in this fast moving world scenario and I feel that ICC is pragmatic in its approach of promoting the same at international level. Lots of critics have said about the end of bowlers and especially spinners in this form of cricket but the latest trends suggest just the opposite.

I not only feel that T20n world cup will be more successful than ICC Cricket world cup at West Indies, in years to come it will surpass 50-50 cricket in fan base. Any cricket board which does not pays heed to these considerations will eventually suffer at the hands of both fans as well as commercial enterprises to whom T20 is much more profitable venture. So brace up for the T20 world cup as it will not only be more important for future of world cricket it also appears to be much more interesting and well contested as compared to trite and boring World cup 2007.

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