Friday, September 21, 2007

V(W)enger Vindicated

' It is still very early in the season, but when you see your players all dancing around the pitch and showing so much spirit, it fills you with hope' - Professor Wenger

First it was its Sevilla, the story is same. Team derided by all at season's start, even said to be relegated is now the eye of European football with soccer pundits coming out with new predictions about Arsenal's season. We're being treated to football with a smile, a deep-seated commitment to pure attacking at a pace most teams can only dream about. So long as Arsene Wenger is manager of Arsenal, and that should be for a considerable period of time after his signing the new 3 year deal, his team will only play beautiful football and even though their determination to impress their adoring public occasionally costs them, they will not be changing for anyone.

Arsene Wenger could content himself with another night of triumph in what is already becoming a season of vindication for the Arsenal boss. His move to off-load Thierry Henry and put all his faith in the youngsters he has been promoting for many a year was more than a little bold during the summer, but it looks set to pay off in the grand manner. The boring functional football displayed by sides such as AC Milan, Chelsea and FC Porto has brought success in Europe's premier competition in the last few years but now it appears that Arsenal's angelic football not only impresses one and all but also has started giving result with young guns maturing to their fullest this season.

What's more pleasing to see is people also learing the difference between the two schools of football thought.On first Champions league night. Emirates Stadium was packed out for the game just a day after Stamford Bridge was left half-full for the Blues first Champions League game of the campaign, Wenger also commented later on...

'The support at this club amazes me and maybe we will need to add some seats onto this stadium sometime,' he added. 'Maybe the football we play attracts more people than other clubs.'  - Wenger

While it's still early in the current campaign, it is easy to question - can any side in European football match Arsenal for aptitude and entertainment at the moment? Arsenal's Premier League win over Tottenham & Champions League meeting with a very capable Sevilla was mesmerizing 

Perhaps, it's too early to make judgements. After all, the resources of Wenger's squad have yet to be properly tested. But every season we're introduced to a new name or two and new names like Bacary Sagna, Emmanuel Eboue, Kolo Toure and the brilliantly gifted Cesc Fabregas have shone brilliantly this summer and future appears bright for young guns...

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