Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It all comes down to Nukes and Sensex

This has been a pretty long hiatus for me which was because of my system being down, me going home etc... So this post is not about any specific issue but gives a glimpse of happenings around the same time. Most important of all...Arsenal are still at top on league table despite ManU closing in. But young guns are showing real class and they do not seem faltering in near future...Stupid India-Aus cricket series continues which I just cant understand why is taking place without giving any rest to players after T20 WC....and the results are quite obvious with India down 1-4.

On political front major news was Congress mending ways with Left against the nuke deal giving up its 6 months long stand on the issue. As far as I am concerned this is one of the most backwards step taken by Indian Gov in recent years and will cause problems both nationally and internationally. On International front this will definetely lower India's position on globle platform and nations wll be vary of formulating any proposals with India. Nuke deal was more important for India than opposite way and Americans will sure be frustrated and vary of Indians. On national front also this mending ways with left will furthur give air to those out of age self made idealists and they will step up protests also on other issues opposed to them. This will further weaken the government as left realizes that Congress will easily breakup on applying pressure. So only people happy are Leftists and those sitting in Beijing and Islamabad...

Sensex as usual is breaking records after records and continues to surge ahead on account of heavy foreign inflows..however market is very risky and far from stable. Lets see how far this Bull run continues....

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